Your office has always strived to accomodate after school appointments and that is a BIG plus. ---Joyce M.

I really like the conservative approach to orthodontics.---Donna R.

Dr Hurst and staff has done an excellent job with both of my boys. Well worth the money spent !! You all are awesome !! Keep up the excellent work !! ---Mike C.

During the past number of years I have been consistently satisified and impressed with the patient treatment, updated innovations and the all-around experience. I have recommended Dr. Hurst more times than I can remember. My children are always happy to come to their appointments. ---Tara C.

Matthew's treatment has been handled in a very professional and courteous manner. The results are fantastic. I'm looking forward to having my other three children treated by Dr. Hurst. --- Ray W.

I appreciated Dr. Hurst returning my phone call even after hours or weekends. --- Mary T.

We feel very pleased with hearing about Dr. Hurst's wonderful reputation from so many of his collegues in the medical field. We are fortunate to haved chosen him for our children. --- Cathy K.

Dr. Hurst is very knowledgeable and happy all the time. I especially liked having Dr. Hurst answer the phone. This is unique now-a-days. He shows that personal touch ! --- Donald B.

It is wonderful to be able to speak directly with Dr. Hurst anytime. --- Sue P.

I have been extremely pleased. I have been especially impressed with Dr. Hurst answering the phone after hours and is always able to see or tell us what to do. --- Lori A.

I took my daughter for 5 consultations. Dr. Hurst was the fifth and I knew right away this was the doctor for us. She has been comfortable coming here and we have confidence in his knowledge, ability and pride he takes in his work. --- Catherine L.

This has been a very positive experience. The staff is always friendly and helpful and everyone seems to have a great sense of humor, a very important quality. The results have been wonderful. --- Kimberly D.

We just love Dr. Hurst, the little pep talk he gave our son made all the difference in his attitude and his teeth are just beautiful. --- Leona B.

I was impressed from the beginning with Dr. Hurst's conservative treatment ideas. He was my second opinion. --- Melba C.

Beginning with the initial consultation through the end of treatment I felt Dr. Hurst communicated well with both my son and me. --- Jeanne H.

I sincerely felt that my children have received the best orthodonitic treatment available and appreciate your staff's help with my difficult schedule. --- Lisa B.

Thanks for the special care and attention that each of you gave to my daughter, she really feels special. --- Cathy E.

Considering my daughter's anxiety about doctors in general, I am very impressed with your handling of her. She is always very relaxed before her appointments. --- Michele E.

I like the way you have treated all of my daughter's minor problems. This is the only doctor's office she has ever entered willingly. --- Caroll L.

A thank you just doesn't seem to be enough when I know how hard you have worked. You have changed my children's life's. --- Carol A.

I appreciate the times we had an unscheduled problem due to breakage. You were always accomodating whenever we needed to make a change. You could always fit us in. --- Madeline G.

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