Before and After - The Magic of Braces
Below are pictures of actual patients that benefited from Dr. Hurst's treatment.

Next to each picture is a summary of the intial problem.
We rarely extract permanent teeth. This is a combination of the "Art" and "Science" of orthodontics.
Oral Habits
Corrected with lower jaw growth
Crowded First Permanent Teeth
Excessive Lower Jaw Growth
No extractions were done
Count the teeth
Tongue thrusting and thumbsucking prevented the teeth from coming together.
When the first permanent teeth come in very crooked,
it may be wise to straighten them early.
Without tooth extractions

The patient appears to have a large "overbite", but it was actually insufficient lower jaw growth.
This correction was made without tooth extractions.
This patient had excessive lower jaw growth and the lower teeth fit in front of the upper teeth. This problem was corrected without tooth extractions or surgery.
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