Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's
Will braces hurt ?

Everyone has an individual experience with the initial placement of the braces. We use the lightest of wires and give you special gadgets to use to limit the discomfort of the first few days. From this point, there is very little discomfort at each adjustment.

How do you tighten braces?

We don't really "tighten" braces. The wires that go into the braces are of various sizes and flexibility. As your teeth get straighter, we use larger and stiffer wires. That's really how we "tighten" your braces.

How do braces stick to the teeth?

We use a special glue that has fluoride in it to protect the teeth. We also clean the teeth before we put the braces on so they will adhere better.

Can adults have braces and do their teeth move as fast as kids'?

Anyone with healthy teeth and gums can have braces and, yes, adult teeth move as fast as childrens' teeth. Adults start a little slower, but they catch up later.

When should you first see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child should be seen just as soon as the first permanent teeth come in, usually around the age of 7. At this time many small problems can be caught before they become big problems.

These are a few examples that require early treatment: BEFORE ALL PERMANENT TEETH COME IN.

One-tooth cross bite
One-tooth cross bite
Open bite
Thumb or Tongue habit)
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